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Sustainable Business Practices

After making energy efficient upgrades, you may also consider implementing sustainable business practices. Learn what resources are available regarding green business practices.
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    Air Pollution Prevention

    Employing energy-efficient technology such as ENERGY STAR qualified products can help reduce emissions (air pollution) from power plants that produce energy. Reducing power plant emissions is...

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    Green Power and Renewable Energy

    After addressing energy-efficiency opportunities available in your facility, you may also want to consider renewable energy. Renewable energy refers to electricity supplied from energy sources,...

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    Green Building Design

    Design and Construction Projects The intent of energy-efficient design for new construction and/or remodeling is to utilize efficient equipment while optimizing the use of natural energy sources....

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    Using Paper

    You may not think of your business' paper use as an area to save energy, but it is. Paper manufacturers in the U.S. consume a significant amount of energy each year in the production of paper - not...

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    Most businesses can save a substantial amount of money by reducing waste. In addition to lower removal costs, waste reduction measures help cut costs on raw materials, office supplies and equipment...

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    Water Conservation

    You may wonder what water use and saving energy have to do with each other? In most cases, electricity or gas are used to heat water, and this costs you money. In addition, your water company uses...

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    Small Business Trends

    Small Business, Big impact! One thing is for sure, as a small business owner you are not alone! There are millions of small businesses across the United States traveling the same road as you each...