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Green Business

You may not think of your business' paper use as an area to save energy, but it is. Paper manufacturers in the U.S. consume a significant amount of energy each year in the production of paper - not to mention the energy spent harvesting and shipping trees, and shipping paper products to your business. There are some simple steps you can follow to optimize your use of this valuable resource that will save money, reduce waste, protect our nation's forests and reduce energy consumption!

Employing energy-efficient technology such as ENERGY STAR qualified products can help reduce emissions (air pollution) from power plants that produce energy. Reducing power plant emissions is important because carbon dioxide emissions are a primary cause of global climate change, sulfur dioxide is a key component of acid rain, and nitrogen oxide is responsible for smog.

Saving More Than You Know

When you invest in energy efficiency, the benefits go far beyond saving energy and money, and protecting the environment by helping prevent pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

ENERGY STAR qualified products are equal to or better than standard products of the same type, but the good news is they use less energy! And since they use less energy, ENERGY STAR qualified products save you money on your utility bills while helping to protect the environment by causing fewer harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The following links provides access to calculators of various types of ENERGY STAR qualified products.

It always pays to do your homework before investing in energy-efficient equipment such as ENERGY STAR qualified products. What products and equipment really work? How much will it cost to install? Where do you find the money? How quickly will you recover your investment? There are many resources to help you get the answers that will work for your business.

Analysis Tools and Resources

You can't see energy, so it can be difficult to visualize the potential savings lying undiscovered in your facility. However, you can see and easily understand those utility bills you receive each month. Visualize your energy bill being lower by 25 to 30 percent, or even more. Visualize your potential energy savings as an appreciable pile of cash that could go to your bottom line instead of to your local utility.

The selection of experienced, competent contractors and other energy professionals is critical to the success of your energy-efficiency project(s). Here are some guidelines to aid you in choosing a contractor:

PITTSFIELD – Berkshire County comprised of 931 square miles, is the second largest county in Massachusetts. Census estimates a total population of 126,313 with approximately 135 residents per square mile within this large land mass - creating many economic challenges in a mostly rural county.

SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration is honoring Bear Republic Brewing Co. as the 2015 Small Business of the Year for Northern California.

Bear Republic Brewing Co. is a family owned business founded in 1995.  What started as just Rich and Tami Norgrove, and Sandy and Richard Norgrove Sr. has since expanded to a company of 152 employees.

WASHIINGTON – SBA Administrator Karen Mills announced today the U.S. Small Business Administration’s support for 10 regional economic development and job creation efforts through a new pilot program, “Innovative Economies.”

The pilot program supports small businesses participation in regional economic “clusters” – collaborations between small businesses, the public sector, economic development and other organizations.


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