2019 SBA Mississippi District Office Small Business Week Awards

For over 50 years, National Small Business Week has served as our nation’s salute to small business owners. Many household names were previous National Small Business Week award winners, including Ben and Jerry’s, Callaway Golf, Chobani Yogurt, Dogfish Head Brewing Company and Tom’s of Maine.

SBA is accepting nominations for numerous awards, including SBA’s National Small Business Person of the Year. The 2019 national celebration will take place in Washington, DC next spring. The SBA Mississippi District Office, in conjunction with public- and private-sector small business supporters, will participate in special events in the state to honor and present awards to local entrepreneurs and those who support and advocate for small businesses.


Mississippi  District Office Small Business Awards

National Awards

2019 Small Business Person of the Year

2019 Small Business Exporter of the Year

2019 8(a) Graduate of the Year Award

Mississippi District Office Awards (Compete at the District Level only):

2019 Mississippi Financial Services Champion of the Year

2019 Mississippi Home Based Business of the Year

2019  Mississippi Minority Owned Small Business of the Year

2019  Mississippi Rural Small Business Champion of the Year

2019  Mississippi Small Business Journalist of the Year

2019  Mississippi Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year

2019  Mississippi Woman  Small Business Champion of the Year

2019  Mississippi Young Entrepreneur of the Year

2019  Mississippi Generational Family-Owned Business of the Year

2019  Mississippi Entrepreneurial Success Award

2019  Mississippi  Phoenix Award for Outstanding Contributions to Disaster Recovery (Public Official)

2019  Mississippi Phoenix Award for Small Business Disaster Recovery


What is the Deadline for Nominations?

All nominations for Mississippi District Office awards and national awards must be postmarked or hand delivered to the District Office no later than 3:00 pm ET on January 9, 2019.

What are the selection procedures for these awards?

The SBA  Mississippi District Office will select the winners of the Small Business Week Awards at the district level. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges.

The National Small Business Person of the Year is selected from the State level winners from across the nation by the SBA Administrator based on the recommendations of the Agency’s National Small Business Week panel of judges. The winner will be announced during National Small Business Week. Non-federal employees serving as judges must sign a conflict of interest/non-disclosure certification.

Who is eligible to be nominated for these awards?

A nominee for the various small business awards must serve as majority owner (51% or more) and operator or bear principal responsibility for operating a small business with a minimum of a three year track record. Partners who jointly own and operate a small business may be nominated as a “team,” so long as the number of individuals in the team nomination does not exceed four. Other criteria apply for specific small business awards.

All firms nominated for any of the above listed categories  must be defined as “small” under the applicable SBA size standards.

Individuals who have received the SBA and/or  Mississippi 's Small Business of the Year Awards within the past three (3) years are not eligible. Nominees must also be residents of the United States or its territories for national awards and residents of and employed in Mississippi for state level awards and will be subject to background checks. Small businesses owned and operated by nominees must comply with federal civil rights laws. Receipt of some form of SBA assistance is required for all awards except the Champion awards. This award category does not have to be a small business owner.

Who may submit nominations for these awards?

Any individual or organization dedicated to the support of the small business community in the U.S., including, but not limited to, trade and professional associations and business organizations, may submit nominations for the Small Business Week Awards. Self-nominations are also accepted. Individuals may not be nominated for more than one 2019 small business week award. 

Where are the nominations to be sent?

One copy of   nomination  should be mailed or hand delivered to the SBA 's Gulfport Branch Office. Award forms are attached at the bottom of this article.  The branch office does not accept e-mail nominations. Incomplete applications will not be considered. No applications will be returned. Send nominations to:

SBA Gulfport Branch Office

Attn: Bridget Johnson

2510 14th Street

Suite 103

Gulfport, MS. 39501

Where can I find nomination forms and additional information?

Nomination forms for 2019  Mississippi District Office awards can be found as attachments to this article (see below). You may also request a form or send questions to bridget.johnson@sba.gov at the SBA Gulfport Branch Office or call (228) 863-4449 ext. 225.

What information must each nomination package contain?

Note: Each award has specific evaluation/selection criteria that must be specifically addressed in the nomination packet. Refer to each award for details. All nomination packets should also include:

Nomination packets submitted to the Mississippi Small Business Administration-Gulfport Branch Office must be typewritten on one side of 8 1/2” x 11” white stationery, collated and secured in a 1 1/2” binder.

  1. A single cover page with —

  • the nominee’s full name, title, business and home addresses with telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address if applicable;
  • the award for which the nomination is being made;
  • The nominator’s name, title, place of business, business address and telephone number and e-mail address if applicable;
  1. A one-paragraph description of the nominee’s business and/or professional occupation.

  2.  A completed background form – SBA Form 3300 Award Nomination Background Form  

  3. A completed nomination form – SBA Form 3301 Small Business Person of the Year Nomination

  4. An original 8” x 10” or 5” x 7” photo of the nominee; or a digital photo of at least 300 dpi on a disk/CD or emailed to Bridget.Johnson@sba.gov . Photocopies are not acceptable. For “team” nominations, a photo of each nominee or group photo is acceptable.

  5. A nomination letter, to include a concise statement of the qualities and performance  that merit the award, not to exceed four pages.

  6. A brief biography of the nominee, not to exceed one page.

  7. A business profile, not to exceed one page, if applicable.

  8. Any other supporting documentation deemed significant by the nominator, including news clips, letters of recommendation and other evidence of the appropriateness of the nomination. Supporting documentation must not exceed 10 pages. Videos will not be considered. 

  9. Seven to ten additional photos of the nominee & employees in both professional and leisure environments.

Note: There are additional requirements for  Mississippi District Office awards. Read the specific award requirements and evaluation criteria for details.

The Agency reserves the right, in its sole reasonable discretion, to remove a nominee from the selection process.

All SBA programs and services are provided on a nondiscriminatory basis.