Additional Data for State Profiles

The following workbooks contain data on the United States, each of the 50 states, and the District of Columbia.
workbook for state profiles
This spreadsheet contains the data for each state, the United States and the District of Columbia. 
workbook for state profiles
This workbook contains three spreadsheets of state data.
  1. Sheet 1: Firm Data by Industry
    The table breaks out each state’s total firms into 24 firm size categories and 85 industries.  The workbook includes the number of employing firms, establishments, employment and annual payroll.
  2. Sheet 2: Job Creation Data
    The data includes establishments and employment.  It also has the statistics for openings and closings.  This table allows researchers to determine two things: net job creation by firm size as well as the number of small firm births and deaths for states and industries. (To determine births and deaths, the number of establishments is a proxy for small firms.)
  3. Sheet 3: Firm Data by U.S. County
    The spreadsheet includes the number of employing firms, establishments, employment, and annual payroll by county.

  4. Sheet 4: Abbreviation and Range Code Description
    The letters appear in cells where the Census Bureau has not given a data point for business privacy reasons. The letter codes roughly indicate the size of the suppressed data.

Using the Workbook
Each spreadsheet can be filtered for multiple variables—state, county, industry, size of firm, establishments, employment, payroll, and so forth.
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