Apply for an SBA Disaster Loan | Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee 2011

If you live in a county that is included in a Presidential disaster declaration, you may be eligible for federal disaster assistance that can help you rebuild and recover from the disaster.

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The SBA disaster loan can provide up to:

  • $200,000 for homeowners real estate losses not covered by insurance
  • $40,000 for homeowners and renters for personal contents losses not covered by insurance
  • $2 million for business physical and economic loss

If a homeowner or renter is not approved for a loan, they are referred back to FEMA where they may receive grant assistance. If you apply and are approved for a loan you are not required to take the loan. You have the option to use all, a portion or none of the approved loan amount.

You must live in a county covered under a disaster declaration to be eligible for a disaster recovery loan. View all Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee disaster declarations or all current disaster declarations.

Learn more about SBA’s disaster recovery efforts.