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ARWO Means Prosperity in More Ways than One

ARWO Wall Art

The goal of every parent is to for their children to learn and prosper as they grow, and Arwo (which means prosperous in Somali) makes sure their staff focuses on those goals. Naima Abdirhmon, the owner, has witnessed the great potential that comes from the right opportunities. Her mother brought the family to the United States from Somalia, and taught her children to be hardworking, creative, and compassionate.

For Naima, the ideal business was child care. Working with CEI beginning in 2014, the vision for Arwo began to take shape. For the first year, most of the activity was in professional development and branding. In 2015, the business took off, as it received an SBA-backed loan to expand its space and build on its customer base. The expanded space allowed room for the unique curriculum that has allowed Arwo to succeed.

By building a multi-cultural environment that embraces each child and allows them to develop in the way that best suits their abilities, Arwo has been able to set itself apart in a competitive industry. In fact, Naima has gone out of her way to ensure that every child has a positive experience with Arwo, whether it means bringing interns from USM to provide positive role models, partnering with a local senior housing complex to instill a sense of community, or providing English as a Second Language lessons for the children.

Outside of her business, Naima has tried at all times to be a positive influence on her community. She has contributed to the local United Way, worked on various community-oriented projects at Arwo, and encourages the parents of Arwo students to volunteer as well. Naima has also been very active in local organizations for New Mainers and Somalis, providing a positive role model and helping others to learn from her experiences.

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