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Audit Report 4-3-H-006-021: Audit Report on 8(a) Program continuing Eligibility Reviews

Date Issued: 
Friday, September 30, 1994
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On September 30, 1994, the OIG issued Audit Report 4-3-H-006-021, Audit Report on 8(a) Program continuing Eligibility Reviews.  The purpose of this audit was to evaluate the adequacy of procedures for assuring 8(a) program participants met continuing eligibility requirements. 


The OIG concluded that enhancements to the continuing eligibility review process are needed.  For example, participants remain in the program even though they have accumulated substantial wealth or have overcome impediments to obtaining access to financing, markets, and resources.  Permitting wealthy individuals to remain in the 8(a) program is contrary to the goals of the program, reduces the opportunities available to those who are disadvantaged, and undermines public support for the program.  The OIG made 13 recommendations. 

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