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Audit Report 6-13: Human Capital Planning in SBA’s Office of Financial Assistance

Date Issued: 
Thursday, March 2, 2006
Report Number: 

On March 2, 2006, the OIG issued Audit Report 6-13, Human Capital Planning in SBA’s Office of Financial Assistance.  The OIG decided not proceed with this audit, but noted several issues that warranted attention by the SBA.  Primarily, the Office of Financial Assistance was not operating with a current staffing plan or a documented training plan to ensure that its staff could retain and build the skills and competencies needed for the OFA to achieve its current and future goals.  Further, the OIG noted that the OFA did not routinely monitor or measure quality assurance in the operation of its loan processing and servicing centers.  Lastly, the OIG voiced concerns that Associate Deputy Administrator for Capital Access had not taken action to ensure that the OFA operated with an updated and approved staffing plan.  Without a documented staffing plan, there is no effort to ensure that the OFA has the right competencies, acquires the rights kills, or develops the right strategies for it to meet it current and future performance goals.  The OIG identified staff training as appearing ad-hoc, non-transparent, and extremely limited by budgetary constraints