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Birmingham Loan Servicing Center


Birmingham Loan Servicing Center
801 Tom Martin Drive Suite #120
Birmingham, AL 35211
United States
Phone: 800-736-6048
Fax: 205-290-7765
33° 28' 45.5016" N, 86° 51' 31.608" W
Mission Statement: 
This Disaster Loan Servicing Center located in Birmingham, Alabama, assists customers from the time the proceeds of a disaster loan are disbursed until the loan is paid off. This includes regular monthly payments, maintaining records of payments and balances, and assisting borrowers who require either assistance with their loan or who need help with a servicing request. The Processing and Disbursement center in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, maintains all disaster loans until they are fully disbursed and then the loans are transferred to Birmingham or El Paso for regular servicing. The NDRLC in Santa Ana receives the loans from Birmingham or El Paso if they become 120 days delinquent, or if certain other events of default occur.
Hours of Operation: 
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday
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