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Connect With Us (SLPC)

To E-Mail questions about 504 policies and transactions:


  • Eligibility questions (be as specific as possible)
  • Application status
  • General questions


  • Used only to transmit draft Authorizations for applications that will not be submitted via e504
  • When attached to an email please site the name of the borrower/trade name first in the subject line. If using words such as “draft”, “authorization”, etc. please use at the end of the name.


  • Submission of authorization change requests [Used for post approval/predisbursement actions] (non e504)
  • Status of change requests submitted
  • Submission of Appraisals
  • Appraisal Review Status


  • Environmental Review Status
  • Submission of Environmentals


  • Submission of Franchise/Agreements (non e504)
  • Franchise/Agreements Review Status


  • Submission of 912 preapplication clearances
  • Status of 912 clearances


  • Register to submit Alien Verifications to SLPC for expedited processing


  • For requests to streamline a file (non e504)
  • Status of file to be streamlined

e504 Support


  • Assistance with obtaining e504 accounts
  • Resolve problems with submissions


EWCP, GoLoan, IT, PLP, SBA Express, Patriot Express, SBA Export Express, PCLP Loan Support

For eligibility issues or assistance with ETRAN:

Work Phone Number: 916-735-1223

Lenders must use ETRAN to submit applications for: EWCP, GoLoan, IT, PLP, SBA Express, Patriot Express, SBA Export Express.