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Current Disaster Declarations

To be eligible for SBA disaster assistance loans, you must be located in a declared disaster area. You can view the current Presidential-level and SBA agency-level disaster declarations for your area below. You can also view the current Secretary of Agriculture disaster declarations.

If you are located in a declared disaster area, you apply online for an SBA disaster assistance loan.

Declaration # States Affected Incident Incident Period
13739, 13740 California Silver Fire 08/07/2013 through 08/14/2013
13737, 13738 Tennessee Severe Storms and Flooding 08/08/2013 through 08/09/2013
13729, 13730 Wisconsin Severe Storms and Tornadoes 08/06/2013 through 08/07/2013
13724 California Mountain Fire 07/15/2013 through 07/30/2013
13718, 13719 Colorado Black Forest Fire 06/11/2013 through 06/21/2013
13722, 13723 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Severe Storms and Flooding 06/26/2013 through 07/21/2013
13717 New Mexico Tres Lagunas Fire 05/30/2013 through 07/31/2013
13698 Colorado Royal Gorge Fire 06/11/2013 through 06/16/2013
13711, 13712 North Carolina North Carolina Severe Storms and Flooding 07/12/2013 through 07/27/2013
13691, 13692 Missouri Severe Storm System that generated Flooding, Flash Flooding, High Winds, Hail, and Tornadoes 05/29/2013 through 06/10/2013