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Current Disaster Declarations

To be eligible for SBA disaster assistance loans, you must be located in a declared disaster area. You can view the current Presidential-level and SBA agency-level disaster declarations for your area below. You can also view the current Secretary of Agriculture disaster declarations.

If you are located in a declared disaster area, you apply online for an SBA disaster assistance loan.

Declaration # States Affected Incident Incident Period
13341, 13342 New York New York Heavy Rain and Flooding 09/18/2012
13305, 13306 New Jersey Severe Storms and significant Straight-line Winds 06/30/2012
13307, 13308 Pennsylvania Apartment Building Fire in Bellefonte Borough 09/09/2012
13309, 13310 West Virginia Severe Storms and Straight-line Winds 06/29/2012 through 07/08/2012
13269, 13270 North Carolina Severe Storms and Flooding 08/25/2012
13273, 13274 Mississippi Mississippi Hurricane Isaac 08/26/2012 through 09/11/2012
13230, 13231 Florida Florida Severe Storms and Flooding 06/09/2012 through 06/11/2012
13219,13220 Minnesota Severe Storms and Flooding 06/14/2012 through 06/21/2012
13215, 13216 Tennessee Severe Storms, Flooding and Heavy Rain 08/05/2012 - 08/16/2012
13217,13218 Illinois, Indiana Severe Storms, High Winds, Large Hail 07/31/2012