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Current Disaster Declarations

To be eligible for SBA disaster assistance loans, you must be located in a declared disaster area. You can view the current Presidential-level and SBA agency-level disaster declarations for your area below. You can also view the current Secretary of Agriculture disaster declarations.

If you are located in a declared disaster area, you apply online for an SBA disaster assistance loan.

Declaration # States Affected Incident Incident Period
14263, 14264 Oklahoma Tornadoes, Severe Storms, Straight-line Winds and Flooding 03/25/2015 through 03/26/2015
14259, 14260 Rhode Island Rhode Island Condominium Building Fire 03/11/2015
14239, 14240 California Round Fire 02/06/2015 through 02/12/2015
14233, 14234 California Mission District Fire 01/27/2015
14215, 14216 Washington Severe Storms, Flooding and Mudslides 01/03/2015 through 01/06/2015
MS-00075 Mississippi Severe Weather and Tornadoes 12/23/2014
14208, 14209 California December Winter Storms 12/03/2014 through 12/23/2014
14204, 14205 California San Mateo County Severe Storms and Flooding 12/11/2014 through 12/12/2014
14199, 14200 New York Severe Winter Storms 11/19/2014 through 11/26/2014
14190, 14191 Louisiana Severe Weather and Tornadoes 10/13/2014