EWCP Authorization File Library

The file library contains all Authorization-related files available on this Web page. A link that points to more information is usually provided within the file description.

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FileName File Size and Description Date
  W3 -- Word 2003 and prior: SBA no longer supports Wizards for Word 2003 and prior. 12/10/2011
WEWCP2011w7.zip W7 -- Word 2007 and Word 2010: Approx. 7.1 MB - This is the EWCP Wizard 2011 Program and Setup file for Word 2007 and Word 2010. 5/20/2011
  CAUTION: If you are having difficulty installing the Wizard, it may be due to an anti-virus program running in the background during download and/or install. The Wizard was virus checked before distribution and is password protected to prevent subsequent virus attacks. It is recommended that you temporarily disable your anti-virus program (an industry-accepted practice) during install. See Microsoft© Knowledge Base Q259748 and Q2435789 or Symantec© NAV2000 29990916121660606 for more information. If problems persist, send an e-mail explaining your circumstances to Auth-EWCP@sba.gov.  
AEWCP2011.pdf Approx. 427 KB - The National EWCP Authorization Boilerplate. It is also included in WEWCP2011.exe. 5/20/2011
DEWCP2011.doc Approx. 37 KB - MS-Word file containing a copy of Appendix D to the Boilerplate (Loan Agreement and Borrower's Certification Sample documents). This file is also copied to your MS-Word document directory by WEWCP2011.exe. 5/20/2011
WNEWCP2011.pdf PDF file containing a list of all changes in EWCP 2011 (taken from aewcp2011.pdf) 5/20/2011
SBAOffices.zip National SBA Offices list (SBAOffices.csv), updated periodically 2/20/2013
WizardFacts.doc Wizard Settings Fact Sheet, copied to your templates directory during installation, for recommended optimal Word/Windows settings. 5/20/2011
Link to SBA Form Library You can download most of the SBA Forms required by the Authorization from the SBA Form Library