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Federal Advisory Committees

What is an Advisory Committee?

Advisory committees are groups created by statute; the President or agency heads provide advice and recommendations to relevant Government agencies. However, statutes or presidential directives can create exceptions to the general rule of providing only advice and recommendations. In SBA's case, there are five primary sources of authority that are relevant to SBA's advisory committees. These are: the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), the General Services Administration regulations implementing FACA, the Small Business Act, the SOP, and the advisory committees' charters. In determining the appropriate scope and duties of a particular SBA advisory committee, SBA officials should be guided first by the purposes and duties specified in the relevant advisory committee charter.  Advisory committees may not act in ways inconsistent with their charters.

Advisory committees take two forms. Advisory committees created by statute or the President are called non-discretionary advisory committees. Advisory committees created at the discretion of an agency head are called discretionary advisory committees. SBA's non-discretionary advisory committees are the National Small Business Development Center Advisory Board, the Advisory Committee on Veterans Business Affairs, and the Regional Small Business Fairness Boards. SBA's discretionary committees are the National Advisory Council and the District Advisory Councils.

SBA's Advisory Committees

The SBA currently has the following advisory committees:

Additional Resources

Here are additional resources for locating committees and frequent questions.

Nominate Someone for a Committee

You can nominate someone for a Federal Advisory Commitee by using the Advisory Committee Membership Nominee Information Form.

Committee Standard Operating Procedures

The agency provides a Standard Operating Procedure for Advisory Committees, and that can be found here in SOP 90 54 for SBA Advisory Councils.

Agency Contacts

The primary way to contact the agency in regards to Federal Advisory Committees is through

Management Officer: Richard Kingan

Alternate Officer: Andrienne Johnson