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FY2009 Recovery Act Work Plan

To view the entire FY2009 Recovery Act Work Plan, please click the PDF attachment below.

OIG Broad Recovery Act Goals:

The OIG has developed oversight plans for deploying additional resources to provide “real‐time” monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of SBA’s implementation of the Act. Since the Act provides very short time frames for obligating funds, there will be significant pressure on SBA to expedite and maximize financial assistance to small businesses. Past experience, such as SBA’s response to the 9‐11 terrorist attacks and the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes, has shown that this pressure can significantly increase the vulnerability of SBA’s programs to fraud and unnecessary losses. Therefore, the OIG’s oversight efforts will focus heavily on assessing controls and detecting and deterring fraud, waste and abuse in Recovery Act programs.

OIG Broad Outreach Recovery Act Goals:

The OIG will conduct outreach efforts to raise fraud awareness and engage industry trade groups. Outreach efforts will focus on providing SBA lenders and employees with information on detecting fraud patterns that have been identified in OIG loan fraud investigations through written guidance, website information, and presentations at trade group events, as well as notifying the public of scams. Additionally, the OIG will be posting the results of audits and other reviews on its Recovery Act website.

OIG Recovery Act Risk Assessment Process:

The OIG is taking a number of actions to alert Agency managers of risks and recommend cost effective controls to help prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, and ensure program goals are achieved and stimulus funds are accurately tracked and reported. We are reviewing Agency regulations and procedures as they are developed for new programs and modifications to existing programs under the Recovery Act. As we identify risks, we have and will continue to provide Agency managers with comments and recommendations for ways to mitigate these risks.

The attached document includes a table which discusses the FY 2009 OIG Recovery Act Plan Overview.

The table addresses the following topics:

  • Agency

  • Program Area

  • Agency Recovery Act Funds

  • Agency Recovery Act Funds Associated with Progam Area

  • Type of Review (Administrative / Financial, Eligibility, Performance, Other)

  • Entity Performing Review (OIG Staff, Contractor, Other)

  • Project Title

  • Background

  • Objective

  • Expected Quarter in which Work will Start

  • Expected Quarter in which Final Report will be Issued

  • Expected Number of Reports

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