Greenville Entrepreneur Makes In-Roads Into Federal Contracting Opportunities

James Jordon-President of Jordon Construction

When James Jordon decided to relocate his business, he looked at several areas in the Southeast and ultimately chose Greenville, South Carolina.  He felt the city’s quality of life and potential for growth and opportunities were a good fit for Jordon Construction Company (JCC General Contractors).

Established in 2012 and primarily focused on project management, JCC General Contactors began with Jordon as the only employee.  Gradually the company expanded into a mix of project management, specialty finishes and commercial renovations; often using subcontractors to complete various projects. Jordon continually worked to obtain various certifications, licenses and bonding to make his company more marketable.

In November 2013, Jordon sought assistance from the area Small Business Development Center (SBDC). There he met consultant Sherry Pittinger who specializes in government procurement.  She helped him with the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) certification application. The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) signature program, 8(a) is a 9-year developmental program that allows federal government acquisitions to be awarded on a noncompetitive or competitive basis to small or disadvantaged businesses. In May 2014, the SBA 8(a) certification was approved for Jordon Construction Company.

Pittinger worked with Jordon to develop JCC’s business plan, marketing campaign, and marketing strategy to secure government contracts.  She also assisted Jordon in networking with key individuals in the federal sector.  In September 2014, Jordon Construction Company was awarded their first government contract and by December 2014, they had earned in excess of $378,000 in government contract sales.  To date, the company has worked on eight government projects.  Jordon Construction Company was chosen by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce as the 2014 recipient of the Minority Business of the Year Award.  The company now employs four full-time and four part-time employees on projects, but the company has also hired up to 15 employees as projects warrant including a host of subcontractors.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with James Jordon and his staff over the years,” Pittinger said. “He has worked so hard to grow his business even when there were many challenges. He is appreciative of the assistance and advice that I have given and he acts on it.  We have had to be creative when looking for opportunities within the federal sector and now to see him finally making great progress is very satisfying.”

“Working with the SBDC has been a game changer for me and the JCC team,” Jordon said. “With the assistance of Sherry Pittinger and the SBDC staff, we have experienced exceptional growth. Sherry and SBDC are part of the JCC team; they have been in our corner at every turn. The SBDC is one of the greatest resources that this state offers small businesses. I am extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication of the SBDC and how they provided the guidance to turn our dream into a reality.”


Company Name: 
Jordan Construction Company
Greenville, SC