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To have a Dream; an SBA Success Story

SIA Solutions Meeting

Over the last 16 years of working for environmental consulting firms, Dr. Srini Neralla, Ph.D., nurtured a dream, to start and build his own environmental engineering and consulting firm.  During that time, he continued to learn and develop management & leadership skills and became a strong believer in entrepreneurship.  And finally, in 2012 he started SIA Solutions, LLC, turning his dream into reality.  Today, SIA Solutions is a successful company on a rapid growth path. Dr. Neralla gratefully attributes the success to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and its 8(a) program. 

As a testament to the company's growth, SIA has been able to expand both geographically and in services.  Without SBA assistance, it is extremely difficult for startups and small companies to penetrate the federal sector, where there are many well established large companies with tremendous resources.  Dr. Neralla considers it an honor for SIA to provide services to the U.S. Department of Defense and many other federal agencies in Environmental Sciences & Engineering, Radiological Services, Infrastructure Asset Management, Energy Consulting and related fields.  Dr. Neralla says that the “SBA help in our growth has been priceless”.  

Dr. Neralla was also quick to share his enthusiasm of SBA’s Mentor Protégé program and how the program has accelerated SIA’s growth and development. He also acknowledged the excellent support Ms. Gaye Spears-Madison, SBA Business Opportunity Specialist provided SIA by guiding him from day one on everything he needed to do to become a successful federal contractor by capitalizing on the resources available to 8(a) and Small Businesses.  SIA has grown from two employees in 2012 to more than 40 full-time employees now and is continuing to grow.  SIA has also grown beyond its Corporate headquarters in Houston with recent additions of offices in Baltimore, MD, Washington DC, Sacramento, CA, and Chicago, IL.

Dr. Neralla has a clear vision for the company that he shares enthusiastically and is articulate about his responsibility to his clients, employees, community and the country. He strongly believes in attracting the right team that can participate in transforming his dream and vision into reality. Dr. Neralla strongly believes that with SBA help and, by delivering services of great value to its clients and providing growth opportunities to the employees, SIA has an excellent opportunity to become a sustainable and successful corporation.  Dr. Neralla takes great pride in being able to create jobs and to grow and strengthen the Houston and US economy. 

Community Service is very dear to Dr. Neralla’ s heart and he is committed to giving back just as he has received so much help over the years.  Dr. Neralla has used his education and experience as a scientist to extend opportunities to others to excel and be involved as entrepreneurs. He is committed to sharing his knowledge with others who want to be successful in business and demonstrate the role U.S. Small Business Administration programs can play in their growth and success.

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SIA Solutions
Katy, Texas