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I own a new online company and what we need right now is exposure. Are there any free or inexpensive advertising resources?


As small business people know, free and inexpensive really mean a lot of sweat equity, but there are several things you can do at low or no cost to promote your online business. Prepare your web pages to be search engine friendly, and then submit them to the main search engines. Find other sites that are complementary to yours and attract the kind of visitors you're looking for and ask the site owners for a reciprocal link. Join a banner exchange program where you show two banners on your site for every one of yours shown on other member's sites. In addition you could send out press releases about a newsworthy event on your site, offer interesting and free content related to what you sell, and try some inexpensive text ads in e-mail newsletters that appeal to the kind of visitors you want. But make sure you conserve all the marketing efforts you've begun by asking visitors to bookmark your site and subscribe to your free e-mail newsletter so you can contact them again. can find ideas in the Web Marketing Checklist: 29 Ways to Promote Your Site.