International Visitors

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) values our international colleagues who are working to support entrepreneurs and the development of small businesses around the world. 

As resources permit, the SBA may host courtesy briefings for foreign visitors concerning SBA’s products, services and initiatives for U.S. small businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you wish to visit SBA’s headquarters or our field offices, please submit the Foreign Access Management form (FAM), at least 30 days before your proposed arrival to along with potential dates for visiting.  Please be sure to indicate the purpose of visit in the Background section under “Reason for the Visit.”  If you have specific questions or proposed agenda, please also include. If you are part of a group, please state in the FAM the lead for the group along with their contact information. 

Within a few weeks of receiving the completed FAM form(s), SBA will seek to respond whether we are able to host the visit, and if applicable, inform you of other requirements and time slots based on availability, location and other circumstances. 

Please email any questions to