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Jeffery Campbell

Assistant District Director 8(a) Business Development
Jeffery Campbell

Jeffery Campbell, a 32-year federal service professional, is the Assistant District Director for 8(a) Business Development for the South Florida District.  He transferred from Washington DC, 17 years ago where he served as an accountant in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.  

Here, Jeff’s first assignment was as a district loan officer.  Since then, Jeff has held a wide range of positions that expanded his business acumen including marketing and outreach specialist, marketing executive, liquidation loan specialist, and business development specialist.  Last May, he was selected to his most recent assignment.  He directs a staff of five business development specialists overseeing more than 230 8(a) firms in the district. 

His innovative ideas in helping small business grow and develop through innovative approaches makes him a valued professional of the district management team and the U.S. Small Business Administration.