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A Love of Chocolate Creates a Lifetime of Enjoyful Foods

In 2016, Sandra Giraldo began working on her vision for Enjoyful Foods, a small business that creates cacao products that merged both flavor and health. This idea was born from her childhood experience in Colombia, where drinks infused with cacao (chocolate) were a dietary staple. As Sandra grew, she began focusing more on her health, fascinated with the impact nutrition had on her overall wellbeing.

The more Giraldo learned the more she realized the benefits of raw cacao. She began experimenting with different mixes, creating concoctions that were delicious but also yielded incredible benefits for the body. Wanting to share these findings, she began her path toward entrepreneurship.

Giraldo would begin working with the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE). CWE is the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Women’s Business Center for Rhode Island. CWE actively helps aid women entrepreneurs start and grow their small businesses. Giraldo would be paired with CWE counselor Sandra McNamara, together they crafted a business plan as well as prospective financials for the yet established Enjoyful Foods. The duo would further leverage CWE for two microloans that would help Giraldo purchase the equipment she needed to get started.

“CWE has been a big part of not only my business journey but my life as an entrepreneur,” said Giraldo. “They have supported me with the funds needed to grow,” she added.

By 2017, Enjoyful Foods had produced its first cacao mix using the facilities at Hope & Main, an incubator for food industry small businesses. Within two years, Giraldo would lease her own space at 881 Main Street in Pawtucket; expand her offerings from one product to four with three more products lines set to launch this year. Enjoyful Foods has also seen its customer base grow from local farmers markets to retailers and consumers around the country including purchasers as far as Hawaii.

“The SBA is incredibly proud to power a resource partner like CWE,” said SBA District Director, Mark S. Hayward. “The quality of service that CWE provides ensuring women entrepreneurs get the assistance they need is remarkable and stories like Enjoyful Foods further an already stellar reputation,” he added.

As Enjoyful Foods continues to grow, Giraldo is steadfast in her vision of food for health. “I want to reach a lot of people and spread my message all over the world. Food can be healthy and delicious and we don't need to compromise either one. I want to share my passion for Cacao and many other functional foods with as many people as possible.”

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