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The mission of our Center is the efficient and effective servicing of SBA’s commercial loans, the liquidation of SBA’s 504 Debenture Loans, the processing of guaranty purchase requests, and the liquidation of defaulted  loans made under the SBAExpress and Community Express programs.  We strive to provide quality professional assistance to our lenders and lending partners during loan servicing and liquidation.

The Commercial Loan Servicing Center located in Little Rock, Arkansas, is one of two Centers nationwide that handles all of SBA’s commercial loans.  We were created in 1995 to centralize the servicing of SBA’s 7(a), 504 Debenture and Disaster Business loans for Regions 1-4 (Eastern Seaboard) and most of Region 6 (Central Southern States Oklahoma and Texas).  Our area covers 24 states, the District of Columbia as well as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. This centralization provides increased standardization of the servicing, liquidation and SBAExpress purchase process and provides a more manageable number of agency contacts for our lenders.  The ultimate goal of the Center is to provide consistent and timely service to SBA’s valued lending partners.

You, as an SBA lending partner, can assist us in achieving that goal by using a standard format SBAExpress purchase packages and sending them to us on a CD or in electronic form.   The standard format is explained in the "Preparing the SBAExpress Purchase Demand Kit (PDK)" in the Guaranty Purchase section. This uniformity allows the center to process your request much faster.  Substantially incomplete and/or unorganized guaranty purchase demand kits will not be accepted for processing.