Office of Performance Management

Office of Performance Management

Mission Statement

Promote operational effectiveness, accountability, and transparency within the SBA by developing, coordinating, and strengthening Agency efforts to be an outcome-oriented, customer-focused, employee-enabled, and transparent organization.

Summary of Responsibilities

The Office of Performance Management supports Agency planning, analysis, and accountability efforts that include the following:

  • Developing Agency plans, budgets, financial, and performance reports:
    • Agency Strategic Plan
    • Agency Financial Report and Summary of Performance & Financial Information
    • Annual Performance Plan and Performance Report
    • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly executive dashboards
  • Aligning resources and Action Plans to Agency Priority Goals and strategies:
    • Agency Priority Goals
    • Cross Agency Priority Goals
    • Strategic Objective Review
  • Coordinating senior leadership reviews:
    • Support Quarterly agency performance reviews
  • Consulting with program and support offices on goals, measures, and targets
  • Performing data analysis to drive senior leadership decisions
  • Leading program  evaluation through, technical assistance, oversight, and coordination.

SBA Performance, Budget and Planning reports are located here

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Contact Information

Jason Bossie


     202-205- 6613

Luan Loerch-Wilson

Lead Performance Analyst


Mathew Pascarella

Lead Performance Analyst


Marjorie Rudinsky Lead Performance Analyst     202-205-7545
Kathleen Graber Lead Performance Analyst     202-205-6255

Terell Lasane

Lead Program Evaluator


Brittany Borg Lead Program Evaluator     202-401-1354

Donna Wood

Performance Analyst


Tolulope  Bamwo

Performance Analyst


Stephanie Kroll Performance Analyst     202-619-0374