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The Path to Success is Not Always Paved in Oregon

Mark Hawley in front of off-road vehicle

Mark Hawley started Metal-tech 4x4 in 2000 with just $300 making roll cages for popular off-road vehicles in his garage. After 13 years building his brand, Hawley was ready to take his manufacturing business to the next level. His sales had steadily increased but his profitability remained flat. Hawley knew in order to get where he wanted to be, he had to approach his business from a different perspective.


This new perspective came with the help of the SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative, a six-month “mini-MBA” executive education course for businesses poised for growth. The initiative provided Hawley with the organizational framework, resource network and motivation required to help the business grow in a sustainable way. The course helped him to re-examine how he approached staffing, professional development and key performance indicators for his business.


The business that started in a garage in 2000 is now fabricating high-quality off-road components in its Newberg, Oregon manufacturing facility employing nine full-time staff members. The company distributes its products across the U.S. and to more than 40 countries. By applying the lessons learned from the SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative, Hawley realized a fivefold increase in net profits compared to the previous year’s sales.

From the Owner

“As small business owners, we wear many hats,” said Hawley. “Emerging Leaders showed me that there are certain hats I needed to hand off. It has made a substantial difference to my business.”

Company Name: 
Metal Tech 4X4
Newberg, Oregon