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Pre-8(a) Business Development Program Training Series


The 8(a) Program is a federal business development program designed to assist socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses.

Welcome to SBA’s Pre-8(a) Business Development Program, training series. It is a multi-part educational series designed to inform, educate and engage qualified small firms. It is a series intended to help prospective 8(a) firms to better understand the business development program and to assist qualified firms to benefit from the program. The series consists of online courses, supplemental workbooks and other educational materials.

Online Courses

Module Course Title Purpose
1 Setting Expectations (Transcript) Introduction to the 8(a) Business Development Program and eligibility requirements
2 Introduction to Federal Contracting (Transcript) Overview of federal contract markets and a description of how the government buys goods and services
3 Winning Contracts (coming soon) How to find contract opportunities, prepare bids and market to the government
4 Business Plannning & Operational Management (coming soon) Business planning, complying with program requirements and available business development resources


Support Materials & Resources

Instructional Materials Purpose
Supplemental Workbook Module 1, Setting Expectations
Supplemental Workbook Module 2, Introduction to Federal Contracting
SBA Web Resource - 8(a) BD Program Overview of 8(a) Program & updates