QuickPay Background

QuickPay has accelerated more than $220 billion in payments to federal contractors and generated savings well over $1 billion for small suppliers, increasing growth and jobs.  When businesses get paid faster, their financial footing gets stronger. And with nearly $90 billion each year in federal contracts going to small businesses, cutting in half the time it takes for them to receive payment is a powerful way to help businesses make the decision to go ahead and buy another piece of equipment or hire another worker.

Examples of QuickPay’s Impact

The ELOCEN Group

  • The ELOCEN Group offers consulting services in construction management, interior design, information technology, and facilities/logistics.  ELOCEN’s work has totaled over 40 million square feet in new construction and renovation space managed. 
  • “QuickPay has had an incredible impact on the ELOCEN Group.  It has resulted in more working capital, a greater number of satisfied subcontractors and a more profitable overall bottom line for the company.” Necole Parker, CEO of The Elocen Group

Sarakki Associates, Inc.

  • Sarakki Associates Inc. is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm that specializes and provides services to local, State and Federal Governments in Systems Engineering, Information Technology, Border Crossing System, and Intelligent Transportation Systems. SAI started as sole proprietor in 1995 and was incorporated in 2001.
  • “Our company has been a prime contractor to the Federal Government for the past eight years and has experienced first hand the difference QuickPay has made on the business.  It has improved our bottom line by reducing the cost of doing business and has allowed the company to pay our subcontractors faster.  I no longer have to dip into my personal savings when managing cash flow.”