SBA 8(a) Firm, Innovative Solution Partners, Takes Advantage of SBA Programs

As president of Innovative Solution Partners, Mariyah Saifuddin had a 17-year track record of success in the commercial sector, but believed it was time to break into the government sector.  However, government contracting required her and her staff to learn a different skill set, so she turned a familiar partner: the SBA’s Michigan District Office. 

After being accepted into SBA’s 8(a) program, which focuses on providing small businesses with opportunities in government contracting, the Innovative Solution Partners team participated in several contract training programs and learned the ins and outs of how to do business with the federal government.

A client of SBA’s Michigan District Office for several years, Saifuddin was confident this program would yield similar results as the Emerging Leaders executive management program that helped her write a strategic growth plan, introduced her to subject matter experts and fellow executives to share ideas, and helped her recruit one of her newest employees.

The 8(a) training proved invaluable when she received her first government contract in December 2016. Within two weeks, Saifuddin provided a quote to the federal agency, won the contract, assigned resources to the positions, and reorganized how the business operated. Saifuddin credits SBA Business Development Specialist Marilyn Nash for always being available, directing her to resources and providing them with information that would support the staff as they navigated this new opportunity to grow the business.

“The SBA Michigan District Office staff was always available and willing to help… and their help proved invaluable,” said Saifuddin. “They say that preparation is the key to success; and that is what we experienced as we won our first government award. We took advantage of all of the local resources we could such that when we were given the opportunity, we could implement with ease and be able to satisfy the agency’s requirements.”


Company Name: 
Innovative Solutions Partners
West Bloomfield