SBA Disaster Team New Employee Application Forms - Core

The mission of SBA’s Office of Disaster Assistance (ODA) is to help businesses of all sizes, private non-profit organizations, homeowners, and renters recover from the devastation caused by Federally declared disasters. A highly trained team of skilled professionals at the SBA is dedicated to this goal. Their efforts ensure that adequate and affordable financial assistance is rapidly extended to those in need.

You have been directed to this Web page by an email that confirmed your employment with this team of outstanding professionals. 

This Web page provides you access to a package of forms that the ODA requires you to complete in order to officially bring you on board in your new job. You will need Adobe Reader to access the forms. We recommend that you download the latest version of Adobe Reader before you get started and follow the simple download instructions.

Once you have the latest version of Adobe, access and download the package of forms. Go to the bottom of the page and click the first link labeled "Office of Disaster Assistance Employment Application Forms." The package of forms displays. You can navigate through the package using the buttons on the toolbar. The Go Home button brings you to the first document in the package. The Go to List button displays all of the forms as a list. The Preview button displays any form that you select.

After you download the package, please print all the forms using the command: FILE - PRINT - PRINT ALL PDF FILES (or PRINT ALL DOCUMENTS). Next, complete the forms.

The first document in the package provides instructions that explain in detail how to complete the forms. Please read these instructions before you start filling out the forms. The package also includes a checklist that you can use to ensure that the package is complete before you return it. In addition, you may view a detailed multi-media tutorial on how to complete the forms, by clicking on the following link: Office of Disaster Assistance Employment Application Forms Tutorial. This tutorial provides both full audio and visual descriptions of the forms, as well as completed examples.

Please return the completed package of forms and required supporting documents within two (2) weeks to the address included in the email you received. This email also provided the name of a contact who is available to answer any questions that you may have about completing the forms.

Other important information about your new job is also available at the bottom of this Web page. Click the link "Office of Disaster Assistance New Employment Information." Then download and review carefully. If you'd like to print the various documents in the package, use the command: FILE - PRINT - ALL PDF FILES (or PRINT ALL DOCUMENTS).