The Small Business Advocate – December-January 2014

Rebecca Krafft

The December-January issue of The Small Business Advocate newsletter features new research from Advocacy, the chief counsel’s review of 2013 highlights, and the chief economist’s perspective on the important policy choices of 2014. The issue also includes reports on regulatory activities in several areas that affect small business: crowdfunding, cybersecurity, reverse auctions, and critical habitat designations. In This Issue The Atlantic Small Business Panel Features Chief Counsel Sargeant, 8 Message from the Chief Counsel The Year of Innovation: The Ride to Entrepreneurial Advancement, 3 Economic News Factors Leading to Firms’ Hiring Their First Employee, 1 Positive Small Business Indicators in 2013 and the Challenge Ahead, 6 Regional Roundup Advocacy Visits Baltimore Technology Company, 2 New York City Roundtable on Crowdfunding, 2 Regulatory News Comments Filed on Fish and Wildlife Service Proposals, 4 Congressional Testimony on GSA’s Reverse Auctions, 4 Advocacy Comments on NIST’s Preliminary Cybersecurity Infrastructure, 5