The Small Business Advocate – February/ March 2013

Rebecca Krafft

The February-March edition of the Small Business Advocate spotlights three new publications: the annual Report on the Regulatory Flexibility Act, which examines federal agencies’ progress in considering small businesses when making regulations; Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories, with extensive government data showing the status and importance of small business in each state; and the Small Business Economy, providing a broad statistical portrait of small business. The newsletter also reports on rules from the Environmental Protection Agency, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Food and Drug Administration, plus the makeup of the Small Business Committees in the 113th Congress.


In This Issue

Message from the Chief Counsel

   Advocacy Report Shows Small Businesses at the Forefront of Economic Recovery, 3

Research Notes

   Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories Published, 6

Regulatory News

   Annual Report on Federal Compliance with the Regulatory Flexibility Act, 1

   Small Businesses Voice Concerns with Proposed FSMA Rules , 4

   In a Victory for Small Businesses, EPA Vacates Stormwater Runoff Numeric Limit , 5

   EPA’s Final Rule on Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines Reduces Small Firm Impacts, 5

   Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Makes Three Rules Final, 5

News Items

   Makeup of Small Business Committees in the 113th Congress, 2

   Advocacy Welcomes Two New Staff Members in February, 7