The Small Business Advocate - June 2010

Vol. 29
No. 4

The following is a newsletter from the Office of Advocacy for June 2010. The key topics discussed in the newsletter are:

Legislative News

  • Roundtable on Changes to U.S. Patent System

Regulatory News

  • EPA Defers Greenhouse Gas Requirements for Most Smalls

  • Air Quality Rules for Boilers

  • Advocacy Comments on Proposed Constrictor Snake Ban

  • EBSA e-Signature Option

Research Notes

  • Regions Should Cooperate on Economic Development

  • What Factors Boost the Number of Entrepreneurs?

Veterans Research

  • Advocacy Testimony on Veterans in Business

  • Zoltan Acs Joins Advocacy as Chief Economist

  • Small Businesses and Social Media

Please see the attachment below to view the complete newsletter.