The Small Business Advocate - March 2012

Rebecca Krafft

The March 2012 edition of the Small Business Advocate features the FY 2011 Report on the Regulatory Flexibility Act. In FY 2011, federal agencies’ compliance with the RFA saved small businesses $11.7 billion in forgone regulatory costs. The newsletter also reports on a truck and motor coach safety roundtable, the IRS’s withdrawal of a credit card reconciliation requirement, and new firm size data on the office’s website.


In This Issue

Message from the Chief Counsel

  • Advocacy Speaks for Small Business in Rulemaking, 3

Regulatory News

  • RFA Report Published, 1
  • FMSCA Roundtable Debates Truck and Bus Safety, 2

Tax News

  • IRS Withdraws Credit Card Reconciliation Requirement, 2

Research Notes

  • New Firm Size Data Posted, 4