The Small Business Advocate – May 2013

Rebecca Krafft

The May edition of the Small Business Advocate spotlights the chief counsel’s recent visits to Regions II and VII to meet with small businesses, learn about their operations, and hear their concerns firsthand. The Chief Counsel’s message recaps Dr. Sargeant’s testimony on Advocacy’s FY 2014 budget request. The issue also summarizes Advocacy comments on proposed FCC Aviation Communications Rules. And finally, it bids a fond farewell to Jody Wharton, director of information, on her retirement from federal service.


In This Issue


Message from the Chief Counsel

Advocacy’s Work in the Year Ahead, 3

Regional Roundup

Small Business Meetings in Regions II and VII, 1

Regulatory News

Proposed FCC Aviation Communications Rules, 2

Advocacy News

Jody Wharton, Director of Information, Retires, 4