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The Small Business Advocate - May/June 2009

Vol. 28
No. 5

The following is a newsletter from the Office of Advocacy for May/June 2009. The key topics discussed in the newsletter are:

Message from the Acting Chief Counsel

  • Got Broadband? A National Broadband Strategy for Small Business

Regional Roundup

  • Connecticut Governor Signs Bill Requiring Small Business Analysis

Research Notes

  • Advocacy Study Ranks Banks on Small Firm Lending

  • The Economy and Small Business in First Quarter 2009 5

  • Strong Dollar Affects Small Wholesalers Negatively

Regulatory News

  • Advocacy Comments on Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Regulations

Procurement News

  • New Federal Acquisition Regulations Increase Transparency

News Items

  • Newsletter Reprint Requests

Please see the attachment below to view the complete newsletter.