The Small Business Advocate – May/June 2012

Rebecca Krafft

The May-June edition of The Small Business Advocate highlights numerous regulatory developments, among them a new executive order on regulatory review and an appearance by OIRA Chief Cass Sunstein at an Advocacy roundtable. In other news, Regional Advocate Caitlin Cain explores the idea of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

In This Issue

Message from the Chief Counsel

   Advocacy Brings Small Business Issues Back to Washington, D.C., 3

Regulatory News

   New Executive Order Requires Public Participation in Agency Review of Regulations, 1

   OIRA Head Cass Sunstein Speaks at Advocacy Roundtable, 2

   Interagency Director Testifies at Joint Committee Hearing, 2

   Immigrant Entrepreneurs Ask Government To Get in Step With Cutting Edge Startups, 4

   Advocacy Hosts Roundtable on “Incorporation by Reference,” 7

   EPA Responds to Small Business Concerns About Oil and Gas Emissions Rule, 8

Economic News

   Immigrant-owned Businesses Start with More Capital than Others, 4

   Advocacy Welcomes Regulatory Economist, Christine Kymn, 5

Regional Viewpoint

   The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Think Biology 101, 6