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The Small Business Advocate - October 2012

Rebecca Krafft

The October issue of The Small Business Advocate reports on the Office of Advocacy’s September conference in Seattle, “Small Business and Government: Maximizing Entrepreneurship, Driving Innovation.” In presentations, panels, and hands-on activities, representatives of government and research institutions came together with cutting-edge, visionary entrepreneurs, small business owners, and investors, to learn how government can most effectively promote innovation and businesses can benefit from a relationship with government.

In This Issue

Conference Sparks Dialog on Government and Innovation, 1

Keynote, Recognition, and Takeaways, 2

Panel 1: Small Business Innovators: The Public/Private Relationship, 4

Panel 2: Maximizing Entrepreneurship: Showcasing Innovation Accelerators, 5

Panel 3: Driving Innovation: Emerging Capital Strategies, 6

Message from the Chief Counsel

Getting It Right—How Can the Public Sector Help the Innovation Sector Thrive? 3

Advocacy News

Delaware and Pennsylvania Get Regulatory Flexibility, 9

2012 Research Awards Announced, 10

Shawn Fouladi Joins Advocacy Staff, 9