The Small Business Advocate - October/November 2010

Vol. 29
No. 7

The following is a newsletter from the Office of Advocacy for October/November 2010. The key topics discussed in the newsletter are:

  • The RFA@30 Commemorates Landmark Law

  • An RFA Timeline

  • The History of the RFA

  • Top 10 RFA Questions Answered

Message from the Chief Counsel

  • Full Speed Ahead for Small Business

Panel 1

  • The Cost of Regulation

  • Report Updates Federal Regulatory Cost Impact

  • Methods of Calculating Costs

Panel 2

  • RFA Training in a Nutshell

  • The Impact of RFA Training

Panel 3

  • The RFA in the Courts and Congress

  • RFA Case Law since 1996

Panel 4

  • RFA Success Stories and Challenges

  • SBREFA Panels Benefit Agencies and Small Firms

  • An RFA Success Story from the EPA

Please see the attachment below to view the complete newsletter.