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Software Compatibility

Viewer/Reader Utilities

Note: There are several file types offered on SBA's web site. In some cases, the data is best displayed in its native format, e.g., PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or PDF. To avoid requiring you to purchase expensive suites of software, we present various viewers or readers that are found free on the internet and offered here for download. Advanced users can download the viewers/readers directly from here. If you are not sure or want more information, we provide links to the parent sites for reading and/or downloading.

[Netscape 6.x Users Potential Viewing Issues: For those of you that have downloaded and installed Netscape 6.0 - be advised that the banner, and some other things on our website may not work for you unless you download the "Full" version of Netscape 6.0 that includes java elements. Netscape's default download selection of "Recommended" does not give you java elements needed to view all things on our, and perhaps other web sites that utilize java scripting.]

Instructions: Download a plug-in by clicking on the link and specifying a place on your computer to save the file. Once finished downloading, close all programs, find the file using Windows Explorer, and double-click on the file to install. Finally, follow the manufacturer's dialog boxes throughout the installation

Viewers/Readers Utilities

The following Adobe viewers for PDF files are available for download:

The following Players for our webcasts are available for download:

Optional: go to Windows Media Player (Free Versions) site.

SBA uses compression (zipping and unzipping/expanding/decompressing) software and below are some sites that provide evaluation copies of unzipping/expanding/decompressing software for download (listed alphabetically without preference):

Winzip site (Evaluation Version)

We will gladly point to any other site that will decompress/unzip/expand a zipped file (for free or for an evaluation period) if notified. Should any of the above stop providing an evaluation copy, let us know and the link will be removed.