2017 Hurricane Recovery: You may be eligible for an SBA loan deferment

Steps to Participating in the CLP

The Certified Lenders Program (CLP)

The Certified Lenders Program (CLP) is designed to provide expeditious service on loan applications received from lenders who have a successful SBA lending track record and a thorough understanding of SBA policies and procedures. CLP lenders are expected to perform a complete analysis of the application and, in return, SBA promises a fast loan decision. SBA still makes the final credit and eligibility decision; but by completing a credit review instead of an independently conducted analysis, SBA strives to arrive at its decision in three working days. The key aspect of CLP is the greater use of the credit knowledge of the lender's loan officers to shorten SBA's loan processing time.

How to Participate

A lender may be nominated by an SBA field office, or it may request a field office to consider it for CLP status. SBA district directors may approve and renew a lender's CLP status. The district director will consider whether the lender:

  • Has the ability to process, close, service and liquidate loans;

  • Has a satisfactory performance history with SBA, including the submission of complete and accurate loan guaranty application packages;

  • Has an acceptable SBA purchase rate; and

  • Has shown the ability to work well with the local SBA office.

For More Information

For a more complete description of the application process, refer to SOP 50 10(5).