The Sum of Service: Company Measures Social Impact

Sheri Chaney Jones, Owner of Measurement Resources

Sheri Chaney Jones wanted to help the social sector improve community services on issues ranging from hunger to reducing poverty. Through an SBA loan program and resource partners, she was able to realize this passion by creating her business, Measurement Resources, to evaluate and improve government and nonprofit programs.  

“The effectiveness of an initiative can’t be measure monetarily,” Jones said. “I measure the social outcome of an initiative to ensure government and nonprofit resources help as many people as possible.”

Jones uses her background as an industrial psychologist to help government and non-profit entities measure a social return on investment. To date, she has helped more than 75 government and non-profit entities analyze and adjust their programs.

Jones believes that the SBA was key in the creation and growth of her business. She met with a SCORE representative in 2008 when she was still deciding whether or not to pursue entrepreneurship. She also utilized the Small Business Development Center’s “Mentor Me” program as a resource for counseling and peer support. In 2014, when she hired her first employee and moved her business into an office, she was able to secure an SBA-guaranteed line of credit.

“Through the SBA, I gained the confidence to begin my business,” she said. “Women shouldn’t wait to pursue their passion because there’s never a right time. If you believe in what you do, there are many resources out there to help you balance your business and family life.” 

As a mother of four, Jones enjoys the flexibility of owning a business and creating a family-friendly work environment. But she also believes that entering into entrepreneurship took the support of her whole family.

“I work a lot more than I used to. But I love what I do, so it doesn’t feel like work to me,” she said. “With the help of my husband, Matt, I’m able to juggle the extra hours with the kids’ activities. Together, we make the business work.”