SupplierPay Case Studies

Company Commitment: Intuit

  • By signing onto the White House’s Small Business Supplier Financing Pledge, Intuit commits to taking active steps to lower the working capital costs of its small business suppliers.
  • 10% of Intuit’s suppliers are small businesses – approximately 315 companies. Most of its small business suppliers are creative agencies, product development partners and marketing services firms, including many that are women-owned, minority-owned, or veteran-owned.
  • In 2009, when the economy was down and the impact was especially hard on small businesses, Intuit temporarily changed payment terms to pay its small business suppliers so more quickly. Since then, the accelerated payment terms were adjusted back as the economy started recovering.
  • In support of the White House’s pledge, Intuit is making a permanent change to its payment term policy to accelerate the payment terms for its small business suppliers who will now be paid within 10 days. This will help those small businesses get the cash they need faster.

Company and Small Business Supplier Case Study: Molina Healthcare and March Vision Care

  • Molina Healthcare’s commitment to SupplierPay and the White House’s Small Business Supplier Financing Pledge is an outgrowth of the company’s experience working with March Vision Care, one of its small business suppliers.
  • In 2005, Glen March and his wife Cabrini started March Vision Care, a minority and woman owned business, with the idea of providing vision care plans primarily to Medicaid participants.  March Vision was able to land Molina as its first customer, but struggled to access financing as they were turned down by banks and investors.
  • Molina recognized Glen and Cabrini’s potential and provided seed capital directly to them as a new supplier.
  • Today, March Vision Care has grown to over 100 employees, contracts with several healthcare providers and members in 18 states and the District of Columbia. 
  • In response to the President’s call to action, Molina is expanding its commitment to its small business suppliers, and in addition to providing favorable working capital, will be creating a seed investment fund to back the launch of other small business suppliers. 

Company Commitment: Coca-Cola

  • The Coca-Cola Company has long recognized the critical nature of its supply chain to the overall performance of the company. Furthermore, The Coca-Cola Company has a long-history of supporting small business suppliers particularly, minority, veteran and women owned businesses. Strong suppliers help make The Coca-Cola Company stronger.
  • In response to the President’s call to action, The Coca-Cola Company is partnering with the Administration’s SupplierPay initiative to further support small business suppliers by identifying financing solutions that could lower suppliers’ borrowing costs. This will allow companies to access a wider set of small business suppliers, particularly non-traditional suppliers that best represent a diverse customer and consumer base. This ensures suppliers can invest in new equipment, training and hiring so that companies and suppliers are best positioned to partner for future growth.

Company and Small Business Supplier Case Study: Honda and Modular Assemblies Innovations

  • Dublin, Ohio based Modular Assemblies Innovations provides modular assembly manufacturing   and supply chain management services to Honda, employing approximately 250 associates.
  • Honda and MAI have enjoyed a long, collaborative relationship which has enabled MAI to expand with each expansion of Honda’s manufacturing presence in the United States.
  • Honda has supported the growth of MAI by providing adjusted payment terms which have facilitated the procurement of costly components for the tire and wheel assembly.  Additionally, Honda assigned its process engineers to MAI to set up more efficient manufacturing processes and to build in a high level of quality assurance.  The favorable payment terms gave MAI the necessary cash flow to operate and expand its business.  The operational improvements have enabled MAI to become more efficient and to venture into new processes and new business areas.  Through this collaboration, MAI has been able to expand further its business and start an interior module project building electronics and trim components. 

Company and Small Business Supplier Case Study: Toyota and Superior Maintenance Company

  • Superior Maintenance Company is facilities maintenance and production support company.  Kevin Shurn is Superior’s President and Owner.  His relationship with Toyota goes back more than twenty years to when he was just starting the company and had less than ten employees; today he has about 1000.  Superior works with Toyota at four different facilities. 
  • Toyota has an early pay program for its suppliers that Superior uses as a flexible funding source. 
  • The Toyota/Superior relationship makes for an interesting case study that illustrates the broad reach of supply chain finance: Superior is a provider of services, not a traditional supplier of parts and components in manufacturing. 


For Superior, the Toyota early pay program provides a simple and flexible alternative to a bank line of credit that is often unavailable to very small companies.