Top State and Federal Online Resources for Small Business

With all the small business-related sites on the web, a basic Google search won't always lead you to the online resources that can really help business owners and start-ups. That's why we've compiled some of the best South Carolina and federal government websites for almost any business need.


SC Biz Network |

The first destination for any South Carolina entrepreneur. Whatever type of business assistance you’re seeking, the website’s Resource Finder can identify a list of relevant resources in your area. The site also features an event calendar, which includes business events from all over the state, and a small business Q&A forum.


SC Business One Stop |

The “official South Carolina business web portal,” this is where you go for registration, state licenses and permits, and filing and paying state taxes. Participating state agencies include the Dept. of Revenue, Secretary of State, Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Dept. of Health and Environmental Control, and Dept. of Employment and Workforce.


SC Minority Business.Net |

If you’re a minority or woman owned business in South Carolina, this free database can help connect you to potential private sector buyers.


BusinessUSA |

A one-stop shop for all federal government tools, resources and information related to business. BusinessUSA is a collaborative effort between the White House and 13 federal agencies--including Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Labor, SBA and IRS.


Health Care (Affordable Care Act) |

Helps you identify the provisions that could affect your business and find out when they will take affect. The SBA’s Health Care page also provides quick access to small business resources on the site, such as the Insurance Finder Tool.


Analyze Your Business |

A tool that gives you potential competitors and customers in your area. Analyze Your Business also lets you see how you stack up to the competition and track industry trends by letting you compare aspects of your business--like revenues and wages--to other businesses in your industry.


SBA Business Plan Tool |

A tool that lets you build your business plan step-by-step at your own pace.


Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center |

From the forms you need to quick access to information on hot tax topics like EINs, independent contractors and the new health care legislation, this IRS site makes doing your taxes as painless and simple as possible.


By providing access to non-SBA resources, SBA does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance or completeness of information given by providers of the non-SBA resources, and SBA does not endorse the opinions, products or services of providers of non-SBA resources or their affiliates. Providers of non-SBA, non-federal resources listed on this page include South Carolina Department of Commerce, South Carolina Department of Revenue and South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.