Subcontracting Training Program

What type of training is provided by SBA?
SBA Subcontracting Orientation and Assistance Reviews (SOAR) training is for our Federal government Other Than Small Business (OTSB) prime and sub-contractors.  The SOAR training will provide step-by-step instructions and guidance on how to comply with the roles and responsibilities outlined in the Subcontracting Program.

Is training mandatory?
The Subcontracting Orientation and Assistance Reviews (SOAR) training is mandatory for the Other Than Small Business (OTSB) prime contractor’s Subcontracting Program Administrator and must be taken within 6 months of contract award. SOAR training is also mandatory for any firm that receives a Compliance Review Rating below satisfactory.

What will the Subcontracting Orientation and Assistance Reviews (SOAR) Training cover?
As per 13 CFR 125.3(e), SOARs are conducted for the purpose of assisting prime contractors in understanding and complying with their small business subcontracting responsibilities, including developing subcontracting goals that reflect maximum practicable opportunity for small businesses. The SOAR training assists our Other Than Small Business (OTSB) Industry partners in understanding and complying with:

  • Other Than Small Business (OTSB) prime roles and responsibilities
  • Other Than Small Business (OTSB) sub-contractor’s roles and responsibilities
  • Subcontracting Regulation
  • Subcontract Accomplishment Reporting
  • Subcontracting Program Compliance
  • Market Research (DSBS, SAM  PTACs & Sub-Net )
  • Posting Subcontracting Opportunities Utilizing Sub-Net
  • Reviewing the Subcontractor Subcontracting Plan
  • Developing a Subcontracting Plan
  • Subcontract Compliance Review Readiness


  • Training Schedule

    SBA provides training on how to review & file an Individual Subcontract Report (ISR) and how to file a Summary Subcontract Report (SSR) for an Individual or Commercial Subcontract Plan.