Cash Flow is King Workshop Series

Multi-day event

9690 South 300 West
Corporate Partnership Center, Building #5, Room 101
Sandy, UT 84070

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Christine Rice
Salt Lake Small Business Development Center
Resource Partner event


Three Workshops over Three Tuesdays. 9 hours of critical financial management content and timely training for your brilliant business (you can attend just one or all three!).

April 4th @ 5pm: Financial Statements

April 11th @ 5pm: Cash Flow Management

April 18th @ 5pm: Cash Flow Projections

In Financial Statements, you gain a knowledge of how to read your financial statements. What are they actually telling you? ...Much more than you know!

In Cash Flow Management, you learn short-term cash management tips and techniques. Tricks of the trade to increase cash and decrease stress!

In Cash Flow Projections, you will receive cash projection tools and learn how to build and manage your short and long-term cash projections.  Where are you going and how will you get there? (BRING A LAPTOP TO THIS SESSION).

Did ​you ​know ​that ​the ​Number ​One ​reason ​businesses ​fail ​is ​that ​they ​run ​out ​of ​money ​(even ​when ​profitable)? Come ​learn ​what ​most ​small ​business ​owners ​do ​not ​know ​about ​CASH. ​ ​By ​attending ​and ​participating, ​you ​will ​get ​the ​tools ​and ​knowledge ​to ​help ​you ​avoid ​the ​ruin ​of ​your ​company:

Learn to understand your numbers simply.

Prevent problems before they are problems.

Understand how and when to grow.

Increase potential for more cash, play, sleep, and less stress.