Share Your Business Story - Your Business Has Lots of Them!


265 N Clinton Ave
Rochester, NY 14604

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Eboni Henderson
ROC Women's Business Center
Resource Partner event

Business owners have many options for explaining their services and products in print and other media to external audiences, such as clients and customers, as well as to internal audiences, such as employees and contractors. In this presentation and workshop, we will explore the many

genres (document types commonly produced in the workplace) that you can consider creating that tell the story of your business and enable others to use your services and products as intended.

• We will look at the genres that are available to promote and support your business. These include print books, eBooks, infographics, timelines, word clouds, mindmaps, blogs, eNewsletters, videos, manuals, guides and more.

• We will look at various ways that you can organize content when creating these document types.

• You will walk away with renewed ideas and energy for creating effective communication genres for your business and finding resources with expertise in marketing and technical communication