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Jan 09
NOTE: This event has expired.

Lunch & Learn: Intellectual Property

Business Planning

January 9, 2018 | 12:00 pm CST - 1:30 pm CST

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2021 E. Hennepin Ave, #200, Minneapolis, MN,55413


It’s tempting to think that “intellectual property” is something only large companies have to deal with, but in fact, all companies (and business owners) have intellectual property. The most common example is a logo or trademark, however, intellectual property extends far beyond that. Unfortunately, because so few business owners understand the rules on intellectual property, it's common to run into problems that could have been avoided. In this session you’ll learn: How to ensure that you own your business' website, logo, and ideas from the start When you can (and can't) use pictures and text you find on the internet, including on social media sites How to avoid getting a cease and desist letter from a lawyer in another state after you name your company Why you should be careful using your family, friends, or any third party to write software for you – and how fix issues relating to that How to know when you should register a trademark (like a logo). Bring your own lunch!* *Lunch is not provided. We charge a nominal fee to cover costs. Space is limited.