The Basics of Contacts

Jackson, Don
U.S. Small Business Administration
Resource Partner event

No matter the service or industry, business is all about relationships. Without relationships, there would be no transactions. In business, those relationships are often formalized and governed by contracts. Every small business owner can benefit from knowing the basics of how contracts work.

In this presentation, business attorney Kimberly Hanlon will cover the most important things you need to know about contracts in plain-English. She will also provide a handy guide you can take with you to reference the next time you are getting ready to nail down your next business agreement. 

In this presentation, Kimberly will cover:

  1. What is (and isn’t) a contract?
  2. What are the minimum requirements for a contract?
  3. What things can never be a contract?
  4. When does a contract have to be in writing?
  5. Can an oral (unwritten) contract be enforced?
  6. What are the steps to documenting an agreement informally?
  7. When can I use an informal agreement process?
  8. When should I seek legal help?