Funding your Business with grants, alternatives, or SBA loans (Alabama Market)

Megyn Rodriguez
U.S. Small Business Administration | Alabama District Office
SBA event

Presented by the Alabama District Office | U.S. Small Business Administration

About event: This event is targeted for individuals in Alabama who thinking about starting a business, already started a small business, or individuals with small businesses looking to grow or expand. This webinar will focus on grant programs, funding alternatives, and SBA small loan programs in the Alabama context and cover the following topics:

PART 1: Federal Agencies and Grants

PART 2: Other Grants

PART 3: Alternate Lending/Funding

PART 4: Microloan and Community Advantage Loan programs

PART 5: Other resources

Event will take place every Wednesday at 10:15 am CST online. There is limited capacity, therefore please cancel if you cannot make it to other others to join.