Part 2 Online Marketing- Social Media and Digital Marketing

Heather Turner - SCORE
SCORE Merrimack Valley
Resource Partner event

Which social media platforms should I be using? What other marketing tools can I use online?  In this workshop we will provide an overview of the major social media marketing platforms including online advertising options. We will also cover blogging, and touch on some of the newer social platforms that are emerging and their pros and cons.  After this session, you will come away with some free tools to help you develop a realistic plan for marketing your business online.

Presenter Heather Turner is a Merrimack Valley Certified SCORE mentor. She spent twenty years cooking professionally and in 2003 started her own business (with the assistance of a SCORE mentor). She currently teaches social media and marketing for small businesses and mentors and co-mentors in the chapter for marketing and social media for startup businesses and for existing businesses who need some help and guidance in the digital age.